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Hi! I’m The Medicine Guy, a licensed pharmacist with a passion for educating the public about medications. My mission is to provide you with trustworthy, scientifically accurate information so you can advocate for yourself and your loved ones when it comes to medication use.

I’ve been in the pharmacy field for over 20 years, having spent much of my career as a clinical pharmacist. I am also the founder of Pharmacy Tech Scholar. I could tell you stories for days about all of the issues I encountered with medication use in the community, often leading to severe illness and sometimes worse. It is my goal to raise awareness about even seemingly simple problems that could result in you or a loved one being harmed by either receiving a medication that is inappropriate, or not benefiting from one that is. The more you know, the better! I hope to hear from you, whether it is a question or a story about your own experience with medication related issues.

– Aaron Emmel, PharmD, MHA, BCPS

The Medicine Guy
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